Anti-Glare Glass

Anti Glare Glass:

Hopson Anti-Glare glass  has been solved the problem of super large size AG panel and mass produced.

Hopson Anti-glare Glass  is manufactured by using the methods of the application physics and chemist, providing uniform evenly diffused surfaces for high resolution applications.Non-glare glass disperses reflected light, allowing the user to focus on the transmitted image.


It not only reduce the reflection,but also reduce the light shadow. The surface of anti-glare product is with antiseptic and anti-scratch performance. It can solve the light reflection of electronic screen and image screen under the circumstance of back light. The depth of roughness is 0.17~0.25um. It’s also the glass. The lifetime is the same as tempered glass.


  • 1. The production costs is too high

  • 2. It's very strict with production environment、                  
    technicians and production facility

Anti-glare glass can be laminated, tempered or chemically strengthened. Sizes, thicknesses and gloss levels as listed are typically in stock and can be readily shaped to your specifications.



Anti-Glare Glass
  • Low reflection, high resolution, superior durability and anti-newton ring

  • “Low-Sparkle” grade available for aviation display, military and other high tech display

  • Can be heat tempered, laminated or chemical strengthened

  • Does not become highly reflective as a result of oily fingerprints like anti-reflective coated glass or untreated surfaces

  • For quality assurance, gloss values measured by Gardner Gloss master 60o

  • Can be etched on one or both surfaces

  • Available from 40 gloss to 110 gloss units


  • Electronic Displays

  • LCD Displays

  • Medical Instruments

  • Computer Screens

  • Touch Panels

  • Projection Monitors

  • Advertising Panels

  • Ruggedized Displays

  • Outdoor Electronic Monitors & Systems


  • Gloss: 40 – 110 (US Gloss, measured at 60° by a BYK Gardner Gloss meter model 4501)

  • Roughness:0.05~0.25um

  • Haze:5~25 %

  • Haze:5~25 %

  • Transmission:90~93%

  • Sheet Size: Max 1500 x 1200

Anti-Glare Glass Raletive Products: