Color glass

- Jun 28, 2016-

Color glass

Color glass, also known as heat-absorbing glass, referring to joining stained art glass stains show different colors of glass.

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It is added to the normal glass colorants, such as MnO2 is purple; CoO, Co2O3 firing mauve; FeO, K2Cr2O7 burning green CdS, Fe2O3, SB2S3, firing yellow; AuCl3, firing red Cu2O; CuO, MnO2, CoO, firing a mixture of Fe3O4 black; CaF2, SnO2, burnt cream. Dose-the amount of coloring, melting and melting temperature and the different color depth of burn. Use gel stains, such as gold, silver, copper, selenium, sulfur to make tiny particles suspended in the vitreous body, glass coloring. In the firing process no matter what kind of stain it is joining flux.

Colored glass to be able to absorb the Sun's visible light, weakening the strength of sunlight, glass absorbs the Sun's rays while its temperature, prone to thermal expansion and cracking.

Colored glass is solid Sol.

Solid Sol: Sol formed solid dispersant.

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