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- Jun 28, 2016-

Tinted Glass Heat absorbing glass

Heat absorbing glass is introduced in a glass heat-trapping properties of colorants (such as iron oxide, nickel oxide) or Spray on the glass surface with heat-absorbing coloring oxides (such as tin oxide, antimony oxide) films of flat glass. Heat absorbing glass is generally a grey, tea, blue, pink, green, bronze, gold and other colors, it can 70% of the Absorption of infrared radiation, maintaining good light transmission rate and ability to absorb part of the visible light, Ultraviolet light, glare, UV-proof and so on.

Heat absorbing glass on our glass products is actually part of the glass and not just a surface film.

Heat absorbing glass is suitable for both light, and areas for insulation, Especially in hot areas, need air-conditioning, avoiding the glare of large public buildings Windows and doors, curtain Wall, display Windows, computer room and the windscreens of trains, cars, ships, and also can be made into products      Such as laminated and insulating glass.

Tinted Glass Heat-Reflective Glass

Surface of heat-reflective glass is heat, evaporation and chemical spray gold, silver, aluminum, copper, nickel, chromium, iron and other metals and metal oxides or paste made of organic thin films and coated glass. Heat-reflective glass on the Sun has a higher heat-reflecting ability, low thermal transmittance, heat reflectance in the 30% and more, up to a maximum of around 60%, and keep up the good light transmittance, is the most effective Sun-resistant glass.

Heat-Reflective Glass on our glass products is actually part of the glass and not just a surface film.

Heat-reflective glass with a single perspective, its smooth mirror reflective properties, not only does it have beautiful colors and views around the map, coordinate the buildings and the surrounding landscape. Its smooth and transparent glass back glass, to clearly see the outdoor scenery. Heat-reflective glass used in modern high building's doors and Windows, glass curtain walls, public buildings and other decoration in the foyer area, made with its double-layer hollow glass and glass curtain wall with air layer, excellent thermal insulation and energy-saving effect can be achieved.

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