Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

- Aug 19, 2017-

                 Nowadays, the curtain wall is not only widely used in the exterior walls of various buildings, but also used in the interior walls of various buildings, such as communication room, TV studio, airport, Grand station, gymnasium, museum, cultural Center, Big hotel, large shopping mall, etc. Curtain wall from cumbersome to lighter plate and structure, varieties also gradually towards more types of plate and richer color, more flexible and convenient construction technology, higher safety, waterproof, environmental protection, thus prolonging the life of the curtain wall.

                  Aluminum veneer curtain wall has been dominated in the metal curtain wall, lightweight material, reduce the building load, for high-rise buildings to provide a good choice of conditions; waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion performance, it ensures that the exterior surface of the building is long and new, the processing, transportation, installation and construction are easy to implement, providing strong support for its wide use; color has diversity, it can be combined into different appearance shape, which greatly expands the architect's design space. This material has a high performance price ratio, it is used in the process, convenient maintenance, with a long service life, very in line with the requirements of owners. Therefore, aluminum curtain wall as a high-quality building materials have been favored by people.Curtain Walls

                 (a) flatness, not vertical, seam width, height inconsistent 1, Reason: the level of the skeleton, vertical and poor, uneven façade, the surface of the installation of the poor, hole dislocation; 2, (1) starting from the installation of buried parts and expansion bolts, must be carefully operated. The skeleton installs the horizontal, vertical pull line, the plane wants to be flat, then takes the theodolite examination, carries on the process acceptance; (2) the plate and the skeleton localization, the drilling must be accurate; (3) When the board installs, may not be free, must according to the plan and the bullet line position carries on The plate size and shape should be checked before installation.Curtain Walls

                 (ii) Seam seal is not strict, uneven, there are bubbles and water seepage phenomenon 1, the reason (1) When the end of the caulking with polyethylene foam plate surface after plugging, when using a caulking gun to inject sealant at the end of the formation of a certain pressure, and the plate seam bond is not secure, the seal is not strict; (2) The operator is not skilled in operation, the distance between the muzzle of the seam is not uniform, the pressure is uneven, the thickness is uneven, the joints are more, the surface of the sealant is uneven, the air bubbles and water seepage phenomenon (3) Material problem: The quality of silicone sealant has problems. Curtain Walls

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