Automatic Installation Of Elevators Glass

- Oct 24, 2017-

The escalator (escalator) is a stationary type of power driven device with a circular running cascade for conveying passengers up or down; an automatic sidewalk (passenger conveyor) is a circular (plate or strip) walkway that is used for horizontal or tilt angles less than 12° A fixed electric drive device for conveying passengers.Elevators Glass

The escalator is connected with a series of two traction chains, which are formed and arranged along the closed guide rails, forming the escalator road. Each step in the Ramp work section and the Ladder Road transition section must be strictly guaranteed the level, for the passenger to stand, escalator on both sides is equipped with the escalator road synchronous operation the handrail belt installment, for the passenger support use. In order to ensure the safety of passengers on escalators, a variety of safety devices are installed in the system.Elevators Glass

The automatic sidewalk is also a continuous conveying machine for carrying passengers, which differs from escalators in that the ladder is always in a flat state (the angle between the cascade and the water level is not 12°), and the handrail device is installed on both sides for passenger support. Both of the above products have a large number of continuous passenger capacity in a certain direction, and has a compact structure, safe and reliable, easy installation and maintenance characteristics. At the same time the escalator and the automatic sidewalk can complement with the outside environment, play the decorative beautification function to the environment, so in the station, Wharf, airport, shopping malls and other large-density occasions have been widely used.Elevators Glass

Bouncing in the car box, sway around, will make the elevator safety device wrong action caused passengers trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator, and may damage the elevator parts. Elevator overload can not ride, please backward passengers exit, car outside passengers do not enter. Elevator car carrying more than rated load, the elevator will overload alarm and elevator can not close, start, then enter the passengers should take the initiative to exit the car Elevators Glass

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