Closed State Of Sliding Doors Glass

- Nov 02, 2017-

Different areas of the sliding door material requirements are not the same, such as kitchen sliding doors require kitchen doors need to have moisture-proof waterproof function, bedroom balcony sliding doors need to have environmentally sound noise-proof solid wood sliding door, bathroom sliding door, living room balcony sliding door, closet sliding door.Sliding Doors Glass 

According to the requirements of daylighting, generally speaking, the transparent glass door is the common choice of kitchen door; the kitchen is a damp place in the home, so the kitchen door needs to have moistureproof and waterproof function, the material should be sturdy and durable, the shape needn't too cumbersome, otherwise clean up will be very troublesome.Sliding Doors Glass

Privacy and security, relatively humid, material quality requirements higher. Design is more than single door, you can choose double-sided Decorative effect of the jade-like glass, above with various patterns embellishment, you can also choose double glazing. The border, the lock must choose Moistureproof, rust-proof.Sliding Doors Glass

Closed bedroom balcony, first pushed solid wood sliding door, high grade, with environmental protection sound insulation, thermal insulation and other functions; no closed bedroom balcony, the choice of plastic steel material, with good sealing and heat insulation, not easy to deformation, not easy to aging, especially suitable for the larger areas of sand; Glass is recommended to adopt more than 6mm of frosted glass, To ensure privacy and security, while not affecting the lighting, but also the use of sound insulation effect of better insulating glass material sliding door, but the price is more expensive.Sliding Doors Glass

Daylighting, high temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-theft, so the quality of higher requirements, the general choice of glass sliding door. The door core with frosted tempered glass, the appearance is transparent, bright, broken still not to injure a person, more secure; the border material is generally aluminum-magnesium alloy; sliding door use of the glue, plastic strips, accessories and other materials quality must also pass, to ensure that the sealing, if the glue bar premature hardening, aging, it is easy in the wind, rain, caused by the rain leakage situation.Sliding Doors Glass

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