Cost Control Initiatives In Middle And Small Glass Enterprises

- Jun 28, 2016-

In recent years, with the development of the national economy, with large flat glass products glass company development began to moderate, and special glass, domestic glass, deep processing of glass and other products instead of rise, rapid development of middle and small glass enterprises, showed vigorous development prospects.

Medium and small glass enterprises "small and flexible", market responsive, flexible products, investment is relatively small, shorter investment time, enthusiasm for science and technology innovation advantages, but there are higher cost, improve economic efficiency difficult problems.

Cost control of medium and small enterprise's long-term development is of great significance. Medium and small glass enterprises should be on the basis of traditional cost management and pay more attention to according to the enterprise's own characteristics, determine their own cost management strategy, form a system of cost control of subjective consciousness, strengthen the enterprise cost control, cost management, to determine its own security initiatives.

To achieve the business goals, we must strengthen the control all major issues involved in enterprise cost management. Cost related to the company's survival and development, which makes management a top priority of strengthening cost management. Under the conditions of market economy, enterprise system management costs, hold overall ideas, nurture, formed at all levels of the management system. This article will focus on cost-control efforts were discussed.

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