Description Of The Phenomenon Of Elevators Glass

- Jul 07, 2017-

    The phenomenon of glass elevators refers to the benefits of male employees in the majority of women's occupations, which are better than those in male-dominated companies. They usually have higher salaries, more promotion opportunities, and more likely to rise to senior positions than female colleagues. To pursue stable jobs and incomes and to have more family life, more and more men are opting for traditionally female-dominated jobs, such as nurses and teachers. From 2000 to 2010, about One-third of men made the choice when they jumped. While this is a good thing for men, it may be nice news for their families, but for women in these industries, they may have mixed feelings.Elevators Glass
   Women in the workplace struggle with a "stumbling block" on the way to promotion, the "glass Elevator". The traditional barriers that hinder women's success in the workplace are documented. The first is "access to the door," and once the door is opened, women flock to the labour market and into the male-dominated corporate workplace, and then they encounter glass ceilings, a hidden barrier that prevents them from getting promoted to senior management. Research has shown that in women's occupations, male employees benefit even more than those who work in male-dominated companies. They are often more likely to rise to senior positions, with high salaries, more promotion opportunities and more promotions than their female colleagues.Elevators Glass
   The phenomenon of glass lifts is partly due to the growing "workplace distractions" of women in the workplace, such as taking time to take care of children and the elderly. At the same time, the stereotype of men and their strong leadership has become one of the advantages of male employees ' promotion. The study found that the traditional perceptions of masculinity were consistent with those of managers ' typical traits. Men are often thought to be more assertive and confident, and as a result of this consistency, the image of a leader in a person's concept gradually emerges as a male. In a predominantly female career, fewer people are able to meet this desired leader image.Elevators Glass

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