Elevator Glass Curtain Wall

- Aug 19, 2017-

                The construction of the elevator glass curtain wall are you clear? Glass curtain Wall is a beautiful and novel architectural wall decoration method, then the elevator glass curtain wall is safe, and the summer temperature is high when the sun does not change color. Please see below for details, hope to be helpful to your cognition.Elevators Glass

               The elevator glass is a kind of special glass which can be used to generate electricity from solar radiation by laminating into solar cells and has a related current extraction device and cable. It has beautiful, light-controlled, energy-saving power generation and it does not need fuel, no waste gas, no waste heat, no waste residue, no noise pollution advantages, application is very extensive, such as: Solar Elevator window, solar pavilion and elevator glass ceiling, as well as elevator glass curtain wall and so on. The elevator glass can be divided into crystal silicon elevator glass and film elevator glass two categories, of which the most commonly used is crystalline silicon, he is divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon two categories.Elevators Glass

               The following is a kind of elevator glass is made of glass-pvb (EVA) film-solar cell-PVB (EVA) plastic film-a total of 5 layers of glass, similar to the commonly used in the construction of laminated glass, has a good safety. By controlling the gap between the two sides of the glass and the gap between the edges, the 5%~80% transmittance of the elevator glass can be made. Elevator elevator glass is to replace the outer glass of the elevator glass into a double glass clip of the elevator assembly, in the production process than the double glass clip rubber elevator components more than a few synthetic elevator steps. There is no essential difference. Because the crystal Silicon elevator assembly in the high temperature of the power generation efficiency will drop some, so the elevator elevator group Glass generally in the non-high temperature area more use. Thin film elevator glass is characterized by light weight, thin thickness, can be curved, easy to carry, weak light, in the case of weak light in the morning and evening, the power generation is better than the monocrystalline silicon battery, but there is no traditional silicon solar cell conversion efficiency is high.Elevators Glass

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