Elevators Glass

- Aug 23, 2017-

                Large glass installation has standard requirements A. Material requirements: 1. According to the layout of the material: in order to avoid glass processing size error caused by the glass seam is not straight, uneven, require the entire wall of glass under the material in addition to the specification, quantity of the list, but also attached to the layout, and the number of each piece of glass. Factory processing should be in accordance with the layout of the entire wall of the unified open material, as far as possible with a large glass chip cutting, to eliminate the size of the deviation. And label the glass, according to the layout number. 2. Glass under the material should pay attention to leave seam, design requirements in accordance with the design width of the seam, the design of the two pieces of glass should be left with a 2mm gap, lest the glass in the temperature changes when the expansion and contraction caused damage. 3. Dimensional accuracy requirements: glass processing geometric dimension error must not exceed 1mm. Glass installation should be checked before the size of the error too large may not be installed, should be reported to the construction supervisor and material members for return treatment. The glass on the side of the car should also check whether the car edge is uniform, straight, and whether the size meets the requirements. 4. Color: The color of the glass before installation should also check whether the color is consistent, even, colored poor should report to the construction supervisor, material staff, serious for the return treatment.Elevators Glass

                Two. Basic treatment: 1. In order to prevent the grass-roots wood splint damp deformation, glass back paint, mirror back of Mercury damp off, grass-roots wood plywood wall should be full of damp-proof paint, into the wall of wood wedge applied waterproof paint soaked. Bathroom mirror wall surface should be waterproof, moistureproof treatment first. 2. Grass-roots wooden plywood installed firmly, flatness, verticality to meet the standard requirements, to ensure that the glass installation firm, smooth.Elevators Glass

                Three. Glass Installation: 1. Bullet line: Before the material, according to the design requirements in the wood plywood base block bullet line, and then take each piece of glass size, blanking. 2. Grassroots clean-up: Clean the surface of the wood substrate dirt and dust, to ensure that double-sided adhesive and wood substrate bonding firmly. double-sided adhesive paste: In each piece of glass corresponding to the wood substrate four weeks and the middle paste double-sided adhesive, double-sided Adhesive quantity depending on the size of the glass, you should ensure that the paste firm, adhesive double-sided adhesive before, should first scrape a thin layer of glue in the paste bit, to be glue slightly dry behind the double-sided adhesive. 1. Glass paste: According to the layout and base line, each piece of glass installed in the corresponding position. The installation requires that the glass seams should be aligned, straight, the width of the seam is uniform, the cross seam should be square, aligned. Glass installation should be flat, the difference must not exceed 0.5mm. 2. Glass glue: Glass glue which is specially blended with glass color. Before the glue should be inspected again the glass installs the formation, the seam meets the request to be able to play the glue, and should clean up the surface of the glass and the dust at the seams. When playing plastic, you should first paste the United States on both sides of the seam paper, leaving out the glass glue seam position, the requirement to leave the width of the plastic seam evenly, straight, in order to ensure that the glass gel straight, uniform. After the plastic, should be the surface of excess glass squeegee clean, so that the seam surface smooth, uniform, no detained.Elevators Glass

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