Glass Railings You Know The Different Types Of Railings

- Sep 11, 2017-

     Railing China ancient called Langan, also known as . There are similar railings on the ritual seat of the Zhou Dynasty. The Han Dynasty lattice-style railings as the most. The popular hook-piece in six dynasties. Railings at the corner of the pillar or looking for staff, can be found in Yungang Grottoes, Dunhuang murals. Yuan Ming and Qing wooden railings are relatively slender, and the stone railings gradually out of the wooden railings, tend to thick. After the end of the Qing Dynasty, the western classical proportions, scales and decorative railings form into China. Modern railing materials and modelling more diverse.Glass Railings

     The form has leakage and entity two classes. The leak is made up of upright poles and handrails, and some are provided with transverse or ornamental parts. The entity is made up of boards, handrails, and partially leaky. The railings can also be made into stools or backrest. The design of railings should consider safety, applicability, beauty, space saving and construction convenience.Glass Railings

     Materials for the construction of railings are wood, stone, concrete, bricks, tiles, bamboo, metal, plexiglass and plastics. The height of the railing depends mainly on the object and place of use, the general height is 900 mm, the kindergarten, primary school staircase railings can also be built into two-way handrails, respectively, for adults and children to use; When the staircase width is more than 1.4 meters, the handrail should be provided with two-sided handrail (by Wall armrest), greater than 2.4 meters, in the middle to add a railing handrail. In residential buildings, railings should not have a large gap or can climb the horizontal gear. The structures of various railings and handrails are described below:Glass Railings

     Iron railings and the base of the connection, there are several forms: insert: The Open foot flat iron, barbed iron parts, such as inserted in the base reserved cavities, with cement mortar or fine stone concrete slurry filled solid consolidation. Welding type: The railing column (or vertical rod) is welded on the base of the embedded steel plate, casing and other iron parts. Bolt combination: Can be embedded nut socket, or with the bottom of the plate nut plug through the foundation of the bar. The above method is also applicable to the side inclined-type iron railing.Glass Railings

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