Installation Technology Of Elevators Glass Wall For Sightseeing Elevator

- Jun 29, 2017-

           1. Steel structure Installation: According to the discharge line, graph, frame drawings and related standards for the installation of curved support steel girders, to ensure the relative position between each layer of steel girders and the horizontal accuracy of each steel beam. The welding site should be anti-corrosion treatment.Elevators Glass

           2. Steel structure of the plate and positioning Groove installation: According to the node diagram of steel girders inside and outside the aluminum plate, at the same time, the installation of positioning groove, the upper positioning groove of the inside of the Groove (clamp) welding, external positioning groove (clip) for the pre-installation and the bolt and structure fixed, the number mark after the demolition, after the surface of glass installation (can not be welded). The four-sided glass locating groove must be made to ensure the following error: The vertical and horizontal degree of the corresponding groove should be Bing 2.0 mm.Elevators Glass

          3. Facing installation: Veneering part refers to: Glass installation, adjustment, fixed, cleaning, plastic injection, such as 3.1 glass before installation must do the following work: a hoisting should be combined with the actual situation of the installation team to carry out safety technology education. Check the scaffolding used in the construction, whether the work is perfect and reliable; b hoisting tools according to the situation of the use of special electric glass suction cup with the installation, and to electric, manual hoist operators to explain the attention to the installation of Glass; c. 3.2 Glass Installation: A according to the requirements of the drawing glass and hanging splint cleaning, cleaning agent for volatile not corrosive metal and glass solvent B after cleaning, according to the use of a special two-piece adhesive tape, the size position of the drawing requirements will be glued to the glass, must be sticky, sticky, in the bonding process glass handling must be perpendicular to the ground to carry the glass, strictly prohibit the level of transportation C on-site conditions using a crane or hoist and mechanical suction glass installed on the frame, Then adjust the derrick nut until the lower end of the glass into the positioning groove mm, note that the first loaded rib glass after the glass and then the surface of the glass before installation with open hose will be two of fine grinding long edge protection. 3.3 Glass fixation and adjustment: a according to the requirements of the drawings and related standards to adjust the glass, make sure the vertical deviation of the glass surface is Sian. 5 mm; The unevenness between the seams of the surface glass is Sian. 0 mm; The angle deviation between the glass and the rib glass is adjusted after the Siang glass is finished, and the gap between the window and the upper and lower slots is fixed with the polyethylene foaming foam. After the c adjustment is fixed, the installation team self-test, the project manager reviews.Elevators Glass

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