Making Method Of Strengthening Sliding Door Glass

- Jul 20, 2017-

           Strengthen the glass strengthening function, strengthen the glass compared to the patch door, paint glass moving door has a strong security, strengthen the glass under the impact of external force is not easy to break, even if broken will not appear glass splash.

           Strengthen the photo glue paste method, is to paint a variety of good photo materials with enhanced photo glue glued to the glass, and then use the cold laminating machine (laminating machine) or squeegee scraper to remove the bubble, and finally with ultraviolet light curing can. Specific operation Steps Xiang Guangzhou Ying and electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. recorded instructional video. This method has the lowest cost and good effect, so it is used most widely.Sliding Doors Glass

           Two-sided adhesive paste method, suitable for a photo machine processors after spraying the pattern after the super transparent double-sided plastic and then sold to the small door processing, that is, those who do the border sale processing households. Because the winter double-sided gum will harden when cold, such a sticky painting and glass will appear some small dots. Make the picture not clear enough.Sliding Doors Glass

           Strengthen the furnace to make the strengthened glass method. Mainly in the photo painting and glass placed in the middle of a layer of EVA film, general use 0.1-3mm thick, can be transparent, frosted, color, and then put them into the fortified furnace to 120-130 degrees of heat and vacuum vacuum pump, Eva film in the temperature up to 80 degrees can be melted.Sliding Doors Glass

           Of course, tempered glass will also be due to the reinforcement of the material and processing process different table security differences. such as the use of pet transparent tablets, pet translucent tablets, pet Mont Ying film, magnetic white film will be more than PVC hard film, pp composite paper strength. There is the addition of the process of different, at present, please have to strengthen the furnace pasting method, no shadow adhesive paste and double-sided adhesive paste method, strengthen the furnace more fruit strength performance is more substantial.Sliding Doors Glass

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