Plum Rain Season Comes, Glass Per Cent Or Restricted

- Jun 28, 2016-

After the busy season, although the glass out with a slight increase in Shahe, Hebei area, but at the same time as the enter the rainy season in southern, the spot market is slowing demand, market weak again strong North-South situation. Glass prices trend more recently tangled, after following last week's decline, this week, signs of rebound, but industry capacity production and seasonal factors in the near future, dominated by glass rebounding optimism.

Area of the spot market differentiation

In early June when the busy wheat harvest season, Northern construction decline in glass orders also fell. Shahe library has been strong in the early slowdown, manufacturers in different forms and promotions policy, prices at around 30, but the sales rate is less than 80%. But as the harvest past, Shahe glass market is repaired, since late June, many manufacturers have to raise prices 10~20. No price adjustment in southern North China market freely, under the influence of the monsoon season, glass storage and transportation are subject to some influence, processing orders for enterprises and traders ' purchases have slowed. While some manufacturers rely on water transport advantages Hubei avoids problems caused by road transport in the rain, but off-season effects have not in the past, spot reduction is the probability of the event. Glass now an increasing number of the warehouse receipt, Wuhan Changjiang Li registered 1380 of the warehouse receipt, or 27600 tonnes of glass, if stock prices continue to slump, future progress of market orders is expected to increase, thereby suppressing the futures price.

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