Processing And Installation Method Of Glass Railings

- Oct 24, 2017-

The installation of the embedded parts of the stair railing can only be followed by the embedding method, its practice is to use expansion bolts and steel plate to make the rear connector, first in the civil base on the line, to determine the position of the column fixed point, and then on the floor of the staircase with impact drilling drilling, and then install expansion bolts, bolts to maintain sufficient length, after the bolt positioning, Tighten the bolt and weld the nut with the screw to prevent loosening of the nut and the steel plate. Handrails and walls of decent connection also take the same approach.Glass Railings

Welding column, the need for a two-person cooperation, a hold the steel pipe to keep it vertical, in the welding can not be shaken, another person to apply welding, to be around to apply welding, and should conform to the welding specifications. The column is machined out of the groove at the top of the staircase by stretching the line and putting the line on the angle of the stair and the roundness of the armrest. Then put the armrest directly into the column groove, from one end to the other end of the installation of spot welding, adjacent handrail installation butt accurate, tight seam. After the adjacent steel pipe is docked, weld the seam with stainless steel electrode. Before welding, must be along the weld seam each side of the $number range of oil, burrs, rust and other cleaning.Glass Railings

After all welding, use the hand wheel grinding machine to flatten the weld, until the weld is not obvious. Polished with flannel grinding wheel or felt for polishing, and the corresponding polishing paste, until the same as adjacent to the base material, do not show the weld. With cross section 40mmx80mm and 40mmx100mm square wood each 1 pieces (among which 40mmx100mm square wood according to the column bar spacing and the quantity lofting saw Chisel into the gap), square wood length with armrest, will the column steel bar into the square wood gap, Then 12th wire will be two pieces of square wood temporarily tied to the top of the column about 50mm away, and then the overall correction column and support.Glass Railings

At the top of the column, the'll line is played, then the graphite stroke line is used, and the top surface of the column is blown into'll surface by oxygen cutting. Welding Handrail Flat Iron, then in the flat iron bends, warping, with acetylene heated red after the dial positive, and immediately boil water cooling, correction flat iron. Then the welding corner flat iron, to the end of the handrail at the ends of the connection corner flat iron welding, remove the tie in the column bar top of the square wood. Weld ornaments. Install wooden or plastic handrails.Glass Railings

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