Processing Type Of Aluminum Curtain Walls

- Oct 24, 2017-

Aluminum curtain wall all exposed metal parts (platen), from any point of view should be outward appearance, do not allow any small deformation, corrugated, fasteners recessed or prominent.Curtain Walls 

The leg iron piece and T-shaped groove should be welded firmly, the clearance with the main structural concrete contact surface should not be greater than LMM, and the galvanized steel plate is compacted. The leg iron piece and the curtain wall connection, must cushion good shockproof rubber cushion. The welding steel seam of the construction site should be coated with antirust paint on the spot.Curtain Walls In the surface of metal contacting with masonry, plastering or concrete surface, the asphalt paint must be painted with a thickness greater than 100um. When the glass is installed, the edge and the bone must keep the gap, so that the upper, lower, left and right sides of the gap are guaranteed. At the same time, to prevent the pollution of glass, especially on the side of the coating should be Yuga attention to prevent the coating flaking to form the painted.Curtain Walls  The installation of glass surface should be the whole, not to appear warping phenomenon. The plug of rubber strips and strips should be dense and comprehensive, and the interface of two rubber strips must be filled with sealant. Seal the use of sealant, should be packed full, uniform, appearance should be smooth. Interlayer Fireproof, insulation mineral wool material, to be packed tight, not missing.Curtain Walls

Calculation and evaluation of building energy efficiency, the building energy-saving work of curtain wall is very advantageous to the construction investor and the Society, the Investment for building energy-saving can be recovered completely, and it can create good economic and social benefit for the investors during the use period of the curtain wall. The structural form of the broken-hot curtain wall is the most effective way to save energy of curtain wall building.Curtain Walls

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