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- Jul 07, 2017-

     Glass shift Door Knowledge: border material, moving the door of the border, the upper and lower tracks are made of High-tech aerospace materials, aluminum and magnesium alloy, its unique hardness, toughness, the formation of its high-strength, corrosion-resistant, easy to form the characteristics of the material, the quality of the goalkeeper, taste, unique mellow perfect integration into the living space.Sliding Doors Glass
    Modelling design, the outward appearance modelling design entrusts with the strong e times breath, the new sharp, Vanguard Vogue. Elegant color, product design Fuyun human nature, full of avantgarde information, to give products unique personalized, high-grade and stylish color. Refined sheet to promote the use of high-quality environmentally friendly green health veneer, such as imported high-density board, the surface of the use of polyurethane technology, with high temperature, wear resistance, acid and alkali characteristics. tightness because the bottom wheel is sealed, so the gap between the two doors is only 3.5 mm, and then with green special sealing strip, absolutely prevent dust intrusion. Anti-collision bar in the glass door and metal border with a collision-proof bar, greatly enhance the stability of the product, to ensure that the glass will not be cracked because of long-term impact. Anti-shock strip using PVC non-toxic soft material production, so that the product more environmentally friendly.Sliding Doors Glass
    Shockproof system in the bottom wheel to install a similar car chassis damping system, the local surface is not normal, the damping system will give the door body a certain buffer, to avoid the door body in the sliding up and down. At the same time slide rail equipped with a special positioning device, the door can be adjusted to the ideal position to meet your door opening level requirements. Ultra-long life glass shift door all use high-quality metal materials, and process a wide range of production technology, strong structure, integrity, with 20 years of service life. Color rich with the modern aesthetic concept more and more unique, glass door of the color and style is more and more. No light 10 color, to meet the needs of different groups. After-sales service for customers on-site tailor-made size, track life free maintenance.Sliding Doors Glass
    The glass door is opened horizontally in the direction of the track. does not occupy the longitudinal space. The size and quantity of the door can be used in a single cabinet or multiple rails (usually with a double track) 2. Glass Sliding Door If the cabinet, the basic use of the hinge form, open angle of 90 degrees. If the doors are basically fixed with ground springs, the opening angle is 180 degrees. The common characteristic is occupying the vertical space.Sliding Doors Glass

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