Surface Stress Of Curtain Walls

- Nov 02, 2017-

Glass curtain wall Engineering refers to the work of covering walls with tempered glass. Tempered glass is a good mechanical property and heat-resistant performance of the glasses; after the glass is broken, it is a small fragment with no sharp angle, and the damage to the human body is greatly reduced. Toughened glass has a good thermal stability, can meet the building environment, hot and cold changes, sunlight, indoor and outdoor shading, heating or air-conditioning heat shock and other requirements.Curtain Walls

The main advantages of toughened glass are two, the first is that the strength is several times higher than ordinary glass, the flexural strength is 3 to 5 times times of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5 to 10 times times of ordinary glass, which enhances the strength and enhances the safety. The use of safety is the second main advantage of tempered glass, its load-carrying capacity to improve the fragile properties, even if the glass damage is not sharp-angle small fragments, the damage to the human body greatly reduced.Curtain Walls

Tempered Glass has 2 to 3 times times higher heat resistance than ordinary glass, generally can withstand the temperature difference of more than 150LC, to prevent thermal burst has obvious effect. Tempered glass can be divided into two kinds: chemical tempering method and physical tempering method according to production method. Physical tempered glass is a widely used method at home and abroad, in which according to the different quenching medium, can be divided into air-cooled tempering, liquid-cooled tempering and cooling plate tempering.Curtain Walls

Surface stress: 69~168mpa, the physical tempered glass has a special stress structure, which keeps the fragment area within the frame when it is damaged, and has a certain impact resistance. Tempered glass can not be processed. Product Standard: GB gb/t9963-1998 product use: Applicable to the need to withstand a slightly strong wind pressure and heat radiation of the building wall, glass doors and windows, indoor partitions, etc., particularly adapted to laminated glass ceiling.Curtain Walls 

Production parameters: The largest specifications: 3000x2200 product Thickness: 4~19 production varieties: horizontal tempered glass chemical tempered glass (also known as ion exchange Enhanced glass): Through ion exchange, glass surface alkali metal ions are melted salt in the other alkali metal ions replacement, so that the mechanical strength of the glass.Curtain Walls

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