The Concept Of The Area Of The Elevators Glass

- Nov 02, 2017-

The measures of dividing fire zone within the building can effectively control the fire in a certain extent in case of a fire, prevent the spread of the fire, reduce the fire loss, and provide favorable conditions for the safety evacuation and fire fighting. The importance of fire zoning has been validated in numerous fire lessons.Elevators Glass

Fire zones, in accordance with the prevention of fire to the fire zone beyond the expansion of the function can be divided into two categories: one is the vertical fire zone, to prevent the multi-storey or high-rise buildings and layers between the vertical occurrence of fire spread. Vertical fire zoning refers to the fire-resistant separation of each floor in the vertical direction of the building by using a better fireproof performance of the floor and the window wall (including the wall under the window).Elevators Glass 

From the fire protection point of view, the smaller the partition of fire protection, the more conducive to ensure the fire safety of buildings. The size of fire zone should take into account the use of buildings, importance, fire hazard, building height, fire fighting ability and the speed of fire spread.Elevators Glass

Curtain wall designers should correctly understand the concept of fire zoning, floor beam and solid window sill wall is the partition of upper and lower fire zone, so the fire zone with window sill wall is not reasonable, and it is necessary to divide the outer line of floor, floor girder and solid window sill. The glass plate does not cross two fire zones, and the relevant requirements in the specification is not contradictory, even if the floor of the fire in the glass plate damage, because the upper road fire blocking is not damaged, fire blocking can still play an effective barrier effect. It is not advisable to adopt plate partition model.Elevators Glass

Therefore, the key to this kind of fireproof design is the treatment method of this piece of glass. That is, to connect up and down fire partition of glass block with fire-resistant glasses (the height of this piece of glass should be greater than the fire radius, if the glass height is too large, it is advisable to set up up to two fireproof glass). If the curtain wall glass is not coated glass, then use the double tempered glass to replace the steel plate and mineral wool or use a single piece fireproof cesium potassium fireproof glass to block, if the curtain wall glass is coated glass, then the horizontal plugging.Elevators Glass

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