Two Main Points Of Installation Of Glass Railing

- Aug 19, 2017-

                 Glass railings are glass-facing materials, with metal, wood and other material structure of the guardrail. Glass railings with beautiful appearance, strong wind resistance and other advantages, is a good decorative performance of modern guardrail products, suitable for residential quarters, villas, shopping malls, swimming pools and other places.

                Next, the little braid will show you the two main aspects of the glass railing to be noticed during installation:Glass Railings

                First, the main points of the installation: Glass guardrail must be tempered glass or plastic folder, toughened glass thickness should not be less than 12mm, glasses should not be directly contact with rigid joints, the two should be elastic material liner. When the design uses both sides of the embedded glass guardrail, glass into the column groove on both sides should have more than 3mm clearance, clearance with glass sealant filling, glass embedded groove depth is not less than 12mm.Glass Railings

                Second, the base column installation points: When the guardrail to glass instead of column, the glass should be left out of the gap between 8mm or so, glass and other materials should be left at the intersection of the gap between 8mm, Gap application sealant filling. The base of the glass guardrail is a key part of the fixed guardrail, which is usually required to be assembled into fixed glass by means of angle steel, with the expansion screw on both sides of the fixing piece and the floor or with the welding and the preset connection fixed firmly.

                Glass and fixed parts trough bottom with a hardness of 80-90 rubber support block pad, glass into the fixed part of the depth of more than 100mm, glass into the fixed part of the two sides (that is, with angle steel, steel plate) should be left out of the 3-6mm Gap, with neoprene plate liner, and clamping glass. Between the steel plate and glass need to leave a gap of around 6mm, glass and other materials at the intersection of the site also to leave the gap of about 6mm, clearance with glass sealant fill.Glass Railings

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