Weak Glass Market Strong North-South Divide

- Jun 28, 2016-

Recently, ignition production on the glass market message heard, especially in the North, the enterprise acceleration of ignition production rhythm.

Interview with reporter learned that, since the second quarter of the glass industry production trends expected, but production faster than market expectations. Especially since May, Hebei, Shandong and other places intensive firing of glass production line, part of the production line for the beginning of cold repair.

"The recent glass line production frequently, because the glass industry boom gradually recovered since the second half of last year, and this year both glass prices and corporate profits are improving, on the formation of line production support, also brings confidence to glass production. "CITIC futures analyst Zhang Jun said.

In this regard, the reporter also obtained from official confirmed: "since the second half of last year, real estate sales improvement increases the consumption of glass products, glass prices since the first half of this year will be able to see. "According to him, currently building glass price 1228 Yuan/ton, up 100 Yuan/ton from a year or so. In addition, the glass industry currently produces inventory for 33.67 million weight boxes, reduced by 1.9 million heavy boxes from a year.

Stock market "price, volume, low inventory" features, it also validated the glass market demand much better than year-ago levels in the first half, glass quotes of the market this year. So as to stimulate the production company new line production and cold repair line production speeds, especially since late May.

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